Arts Etobicoke wants to hear from you. We want to see how you would curate our Juried Show Shifting Environs from the 150 submissions we received. You can select 10 – 15 images for your exhibition, give it a title, write a curatorial statement and submit it to our online gallery. Your exhibition will be displayed alongside other submissions from community members to create a digital catalogue of community-juried exhibitions. Add your voice and let us see your creativity!

What Is a Curator?

Curators do lots of things, but the creative part of their job involves selecting works of art to illustrate a given theme. Some curators pick radically different styles of art and a range of concepts around a certain theme. Other curators pick works with a similar aesthetic and sentiment to illustrate the proposed question. Just like artists, curators have wildly different creative styles and approaches. What’s your style?

Why do we curate exhibitions? 

Curation allows galleries to use their experience and expertise to collect artwork around a central idea that complements each other to share knowledge, or lend insight on the selected theme for the general public. It creates a focused narrative to educate and entertain our audiences. 

Why would we host a juried show? 

Juried shows are an amazing opportunity for Arts Eotbicoke and our community of arts lovers to be introduced to new and exciting artists. We are committed to the development of emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Juried shows give us a chance to showcase a variety of these artists chosen from a jury of their peers through a blind assessment. The artworks were selected based on the following criteria: relation to theme, artistic skills and techniques.