Arts Etobicoke is instrumental in the cultural tourism of Etobicoke, creating and maintaining five permanent public art pieces. The most recent project was a massive mural project that spans 576 feet along Finch Avenue West.

The other four murals were created in partnership with Amnesty International’s Project: Urban Canvas. The goal of this project is to create 30 murals, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), that depict each of the 30 human rights Articles in the UDHR. To help commemorate this milestone anniversary in the international fight for human rights, community groups and artists are collaborating with Amnesty International on this powerful citywide project.

The broad message of Dignity City is grand and inspirational, challenging us to imagine a world where everyone lives in freedom, equal in dignity and rights.

Everyone. Everywhere. was the second public art collaboration between Arts Etobicoke and Amnesty International’s Project: Urban Canvas and was born out of a collaboration Arts Etobicoke enjoys with its neighbour Creative Village Studio, having worked on numerous projects together.

Arts Etobicoke and Red Dress Productions collaborated to produce Album, in conjunction with Friends of the Pan Am Path and Amnesty International’s Project: Urban Canvas. Album is a permanent public artwork based on Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This unique poetry mural was produced by Arts Etobicoke, participating in Amnesty International’s Project: Urban Canvas and chose Article 13 for the theme of the mural – “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement.”