As part of our Arts in Wincott Park project in partnership with Delta Family Resource Centre, we are inviting members of the Kingsview Village – The Westway (KVW) community to take part in an exciting new collaborative public art installation in Wincott Park! Led by multidisciplinary artist Idil Djafer and photographer Sahra Nur, the KVW Photo Mosaic project invites members of the community to contribute by sharing their photographs to highlight the KVW neighbourhood through the eyes of its residents.

Through the winter months, we will be posting a series of prompts on our website and social media that are designed to encourage residents to reflect on what makes their community unique. Residents can contribute to the project by responding to these prompts with photos of the people, places, and things that reflect their community. Once we are able to gather again safely outdoors, we plan to invite the community to come out and help piece together the collection of photographs into a community-driven public art mosaic in Wincott Park.

Everyone who submits their photos will be able to see their art displayed in Wincott Park this summer. Each week we will randomly select one winner among the submissions who will receive a $20 grocery gift card. There will also be a $50 grocery gift card prize awarded at the end of the summer for the best photograph.

To see the prompts, follow Arts Etobicoke on Facebook and Instagram or check back here for a new prompt every week. To submit your images please use the submission form below or share them on Instagram with the hashtag #KVWsnapshots. You can also email them to or text them to (647) 507-8731.

Eligibility and Tips to Submit:

  • Anyone living in the KVW neighbourhood or with ties to the community can submit up to 5 photographs per prompt. You may submit old or new photos taken in the community. 
  • Photos can be submitted using the form below or by posting on Instagram with the hashtag #KVWsnapshots and tagging Arts Etobicoke. You can also email your photos to or text them to (647) 507-8731.
  • All photos should indicate which prompt they are responding to and include a short description/caption. 
  • Avoid taking photos that may contain inappropriate or offensive subject matter. 
  • Pay close attention to the composition, lighting, and orientation of your photograph.

Click here to view the KVW Photo Mosaic Gallery

Prompt 6:

Share a photo of anything that depicts a feeling of your choice and share a story to accompany the photo you’ve captured.

When I look at this photo, I get the feeling of hopefulness – hopefulness for the future. It’s a dark time and especially a hard time for a lot of people at the moment, but I can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully life will return to normal soon, but I’m excited to see what the new normal is and crossing my fingers for the work from home set up to never end.

Prompt 5:

Share a photo of anything that provides a feeling of joy and share a story to accompany the photo you’ve captured.

If you know… you know! This is a photo of my favourite household item; the magnificent air fryer. It has made my life so much easier and has sparked a joy in me for cooking! I’ve been trying different recipes and just using this gadget simplifies a lot.

Prompt 4:

Share a photo of anything that provides a feeling of sadness and share a story to accompany the photo you’ve captured.

Oh how I miss the warm weather! This photo makes me sad because of how much I miss the warmth, the long sunny days, as well as the early stages of our lockdown. I remember cases being 500 a day in Ontario and I thought it couldn’t get any worse than that. This photo was taken in August when we were still able to hang out in small social groups, and those 5 geese remind me of my friends and I.

Prompt 3:

Share a photo of an activity or hobby that you’ve picked up during the pandemic. This can include physical activities, activities for your mental health (just relaxing and watching your favourite shows/movies), etc.

This is a photo of ‘One Piece playing on my TV while I’m cuddled up in bed. I had decided to binge-watch all 950-ish episodes since August. I was also able to read the manga and catch up to Chapter 1000 when it was released. This has been one of my favourite activities throughout this lockdown. And although it’s great just sitting in bed and watching shows throughout my lunch break and after work, it’s been equally important that I incorporate some sort of physical activity into my daily routine. I enjoyed doing 2 Chloe Ting Challenges throughout the summer and fall, and now I’m exploring more fitness youtubers for the weeks to come.

Prompt 2:

Share a photo of your favourite restaurant or home cooked meals during this pandemic. This can also include photos of drinks, snacks, etc. Feel free to also share a short story with your photos!

This is a photo of my plated salmon risotto. As the youngest child, I am not a cook whatsoever. But, being at home all the time has encouraged me to explore the kitchen a lot more than I used to. I try to cook or bake something new at least once a month. Other than the amazing lattes I make with my Nespresso, this dish would be one of my favourites.

Prompt 1:

Share a photo of someone that has been there for you during this pandemic. This can also include photos of pets, inanimate objects, etc. Feel free to also share a short story with your photos!

This is a photo of my mother reading her Quran on the living room couch. At the beginning of the pandemic, she was stuck abroad and had no way home for months. By the end of the summer, she was thankfully able to return home to Toronto. I’m very grateful that we get to spend time together all cooped up at home now.