The wait is over! The North Etobicoke mural is complete, and we can’t wait to see see you all at the launch on Saturday October 23.

There will be live music, performances, crafts, giveaways, mural tours and free food.

Don’t forget to register in advance to save your spot:

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📸 Devenae Bryce

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SAVE THE DATE! October 23rd is the North Etobicoke Mural Launch.

You know what’s better than a bunch of women artists coming together to paint? It’s a bunch of women artists coming together to paint for the community! Arts Etobicoke in partnership with @women_paint and @start_streetartoronto are hard at work to bring some fantastic art to the walls of Etobicoke. Be sure to drive by 670 Rexdale Blvd to see this amazing piece of public art!

Keep an eye out for more information about the launch.


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Workman Arts North Etobicoke Satellite - a partnership with Arts Etobicoke, invites instructors to propose accessible and inclusive online or hybrid courses for our 2021/2022 training program. Instructors will develop and teach workshops and classes for participants living in North Etobicoke. Each course will be provided with a Workman Arts peer support.

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Darlene is a local Etobicoke artist who is always a pleasure to work with. Buy her calendar on her website- You can also buy select pieces of her work in our online gallery! 😍🎉


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Teddy can’t believe this is the last mural we augmented: what a journey this has been! Here at the mural “Aftermath” you can see the work “Ice Runners” “Oh-kwa-ming-i-nini-wug” by lead artist Philip Cote. This 5-part video can also be viewed on our website. You can also see five more augmentations here. Works by community artist Ashley Beerdat and Karun Ramani, and work by lead artist Miss Coco. Thank you so much for joining Teddy Walks! We hope you enjoyed his adventure!
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Don’t forget to look up! The augmentation by lead artist Susan Blight floats in the sky! This 5-part work is titled “Omiimiikaa”. Here you can also find community artist Karun Ramani’s work “The Way we Minimal”.
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Did you know Teddy came to Canada on an airplane? Not this one though (airplane emoji). Here we have the mural “Harold G. Shipp’s First High Flier!”. The mural has been augmented by lead artist Miss Coco with the work “Seeds of presence” and community artist Karun Ramani’s work “Minimal Creek”. Come and check it out!
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Can Teddy sing? No… but he loves the music of lead artist Miss Coco’s “Rhythm continues”, the augmentation applied to the mural “The Prodigy”. Make sure to turn your sound on when you come see it!
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Teddy and his mom @misshle love the colours of the mural “Flight of the Passenger Pigeon”, he believes it brings out the colour of his eyes ;) Here you can find three augmentations: “Flight and Arrival” by lead artist Miss Coco; “The Hinterlands” by community artist Ashley Beerdat; and “Fishing in Minimal Creek” by community artist Karun Ramani. Teddy especially loves one of the augmentations because it moves! To see the artwork you must spin in a circle, almost like you are chasing your tail 🐕There is so much fun to be had with public art!
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Teddy loves the collaborative works between artist Luke Garwood and artists Akshata Naik, Natalie Very. B, and Aitak Sorahitalab, especially because you can walk through them! It combines two of his favourite things: art and walks!
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Check out Teddy in front of “The Faces of Islington”! This mural is augmented with two artworks: “Community” by lead artist Miss Coco, and “Pandora” by community artist Ashley Beerdat. For more information about our amazing artists, check out our website!
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Come listen to incredible live performances while you explore Augmented Reality in the Village of Islington! Join us tomorrow, September 25th, outside of the Arts Etobicoke office for a live honky-tonk sidewalk concert with @redandtheramblers. Performances will take place every hour on the hour from 12-5pm next to the Arts Etobicoke Storefront Gallery at 4893A Dundas Street West. You can meet our staff, get a map for a self-guided mural tour, and cut a rug to some great local music. Join us to discover new digital artwork and enjoy some live music while you explore the Village.

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Online Gallery

Dana Zivkovic

Born 1985 in Zadar, Croatia, Dana Zivkovic currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She holds a Bachelor degree of Fine and Applied Arts from the College of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. A self-employed artist, Dana works as an art educator, curator, charity activist, looking for a new show, a gallery for exhibition. Her work explores relationship between natural heritage and the products of the modern society seen through a surreal prism. It is both formalistically representational and occasionally abstract. Recently she started developing the series which brings awareness on pollution.

Darlene Kulig

After a successful career as a graphic designer, Darlene began painting full-time ten years ago. What is especially impressive is that she has developed a unique, very personal approach that “feels” Canadian. Darlene’s award winning work has been featured in magazine and can be found in Canadian Embassy buildings, the Mayo Clinic, and art galleries across Canada and internationally. Pomegranate Communications has licensed Darlene’s work to be reproduced as contemporary Canadian content in their international product line. Most recently, she has created a line of fundraising face masks to raise money for her nephew’s memorial fund, The Craig Kulig Memorial Fund, to fund cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital. If you are interested in purchasing more products from Darlene Kulig such as calendars, puzzles, gift cards, and pillow slip covers, please contact our gallery manager for inquiries.

David Chinyama

David Chinyama is a Toronto based multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work is inspired by color, form, movement and texture. His work is a representation of personal fascinations and experiences often shaped by his upbringing and cultural memories of different African traditions. Working in multimedia, he explores subject matters centered upon aspects of identity, socio-economic, political and religious connotations. These compositions are made out of found fabrics and recycled fibers that are cut, stitched and painted together on canvas to form varying patterns and shapes. His practice can best be described as a form of adaptation and response to influences of various cultures within different urban settings. Working in a spontaneous approach, he experiments with the use of unfamiliar materials on how they relate to each other when placed in different frames that assign to them a new function.

Jacintha Krish

As a visual artist and art instructor, Jacintha Krish’s work is primarily in mixed media as well as watercolour and ink. Constantly experimenting with pushing the boundaries of colour and form has made her the artist that she is. Jacintha’s love of teaching has broadened her horizons and helped her get to know and understand people and their different forms of artistic pleasure. Art is an interesting and fulfilling journey and she feels fortunate indeed to be able to share in the experiences of many wonderful people along the way. Jacintha’s inspiration lies in the rich biodiversity of Canada, her home. The sights and sounds of the world around her constantly challenge her to paint the ever changing mosaic that is quintessentially Canadian.

Mr. Hydde

Mr. Hydde an artist living and working in the Toronto area. He shows his work under the pseudonym Mr. Hydde. He completed his B.F.A at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, and his M.F.A. degree at Concordia University in Montreal. Mr. Hydde lived in Tokyo Japan for 2 years, where he became familiar with Japanese printmaking techniques and started to become interested in Japanese Pop and Street Culture through his artistic contacts. His artwork is represented by Coldstream Fine Arts in Toronto, by Gallerie Pink E Space in Montreal, and 3rd Ethos Gallery in Brooklyn NY. Mr. Hydde is a member of the Brooklyn NY based Bushwick Collective. He has painted murals for the Bushwick Block Party for the past 3 years. He painted in the Dec. 2018 MOS Miami as an invited painter.

Natalie Very B

Natalie Very B. is a Polish-Canadian illustrator, muralist, and educator. She is passionate about facilitating art workshops with a strong focus on the therapeutic aspect of creative expression. Her large scale murals depict modern female empowerment and can be found all across the city of Toronto. She makes art with the goal of changing preconceived notions of feminism and promoting self-love and body positivity in the world.

Philip Cote

Philip Cote, MFA of Moose Deer Point First Nation is a Young Spiritual Elder, Indigenous Artist, Activist, Educator, Historian and Ancestral Knowledge Keeper. Philip is a graduate of OCAD University’s Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design Masters program. He is engaged in creating opportunities for art-making and teaching methodologies through Indigenous symbolism, traditional ceremonies, history, oral stories, and land-based pedagogy. His art and teaching philosophy evolves from his practice of experiential learning and the transmission of Indigenous Knowledge. Philip has shared his knowledge with numerous institutions from York University, the Art Gallery of Ontario, University of Toronto, OCAD University, Peel District School Board and the TDSB. Philip is also a tour guide with “First Story” since 2005 providing an Indigenous history of Toronto covering the last 13,500 years and as far back as 130,000 years. Philip has won numerous TABIA awards for his public Street Art Murals Across the City of Toronto.

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