Saturday Art Class, Watercolour with Jacintha Krish

Due to the spread of COVID 19 and our responsibility to our patrons and artists, we have decided to move this event to an online forum. You can check back to this event page on the day of the event and streaming instructions will be posted. Thank you for continuing to engage with Arts Etobicoke during these uncertain times and for meeting these challenges as opportunities to engage with the arts in a new and exciting way.

Explore the world of watercolours with Jacintha Krish. Each lesson will commence with a short introduction to contemporary watercolour. There will be a brief interaction with students to discuss essential qualities to focus on, when painting watercolour images. Participants will follow as the instructor paints a step by step demonstration representing a loosely styled representation of the reference photo which the students will then proceed to paint in stages. Upon completion of each lesson, there will be a short critique session and students will be encouraged to ask questions. A reference photo will be emailed to the students prior to each class or they could use their own. The different themes covered in this course will be loosely styled seasonal landscapes, florals and some simple figurative work

“I am an artist and instructor living and working in Etobicoke. I teach primarily at Neilson Park Creative Center as well as at other art organizations in and around the GTA. Working in different different mediums such as acrylics, mixed media, as well as watercolour and ink, I’m constantly experimenting with colour and form – this has made me the artist that I am. My inspiration lies in the rich biodiversity of Canada, my home. The sights and sounds of the world around me constantly challenge me to push my boundaries to paint the ever changing mosaic that is quintessentially Canadian.”
– Jacintha Krish

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The preferred water colour tubes are listed below. Different brands have varying names for colours. As close as possible to the listed colours would be fine. DaVinci has good medium grade water colour tubes. Holbein, Reeves and Winsor and Newton are well established brands.

Alizarin crimson
Cadmium red
Cadmium or Hansa yellow
Indian yellow
Burnt sienna
Ultramarine blue
Teal or turquoise
Windsor Blue
Sap green
Fuschia or opera
Hookers green

Watercolour palette
Bottle of masking fluid
140lb Watercolour Strathmore or Arches cold pressed paper sheets. You will need a minimum
of four 12”x 16” pieces for the four lessons.
If using paper, you will need a board to mount it on and a roll of 1⁄2” width green tape/masking
tape to secure the paper onto your board.
Alternatively, watercolour paper block where you can peel off the pages. If this size is not
available a comparable size would do. Not too small though!
3 synthetic or sable round Watercolour brushes sizes ranging from size 2-6
fine tipped black acrylic pen (Stabilo brand from Curry’s or alternative)
Soft HB pencils and kneaded eraser for drawing
Kleenex or paper towels
J cloths, 2 yogurt containers for water


*During this time of quarantine and physical distancing, we are waiving the Arts Etobicoke membership requirement to participate in Saturday Art Classes. Arts Etobicoke membership not only has its benefits for you as a member, it also supports the organization’s work in the community. Please visit our members page to learn more about membership and to become a member.

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