Saturday Art Class, Learn Printmaking with Maureen Da Silva

Due to the spread of COVID 19 and our responsibility to our patrons and artists, we have decided to move this event to an online forum. You can check back to this event page on the day of the event and streaming instructions will be posted. Thank you for continuing to engage with Arts Etobicoke during these uncertain times and for meeting these challenges as opportunities to engage with the arts in a new and exciting way.

Sign up today for our introduction to printmaking with Maureen Da Silva and learn all about the wonderful world of prints! Each week participants will explore a different method of printmaking using simple materials that can be found around your home. These online classes will be conducted on Zoom. Registered participants will be sent the Zoom link with instructions on how to get set up prior to the first class. This class is for kids ages 6 – 9.

Maureen Da Silva is a Toronto-based artist committed to an intersectional feminist practice. Her practice focuses on silkscreen, lithography, and relief, with forays into bookbinding. She has taken her love of print into the founding of the not-for-profit, artist group, The inPrint Collective, of which she is the Managing Director.

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Class One: Making Zines
Students will get a little history of the world of zine-making and will demonstrate several methods of making a book out of regular household objects. Students will do one of the methods and the rest of the time will focus on story-telling, and developing our books into proper zines.
up to four sheets of computer-sized paper.
Optional: one sheet of legal paper
Pencils and erasers
Mixed media options: markers, crayons or pencil crayons
Optional: needles and thread (can be yarn or dental floss) or a stapler if available.
Class Two: Stencils and Abstraction
Taking our cues from the French-Canadian Plasticienes, students will learn the pochoir method of printing. This method involves creating simple stencils and filling them in with colour. Students will create up to three shapes, and using modular design principles create a geometric abstract work
Paper of whatever size for the finished work (can be computer paper, artist paper, or craft paper)
Pencil and erasers
Choice of a watercolour set up, crayons, pastels or whatever art paint is available
Students can also collect small objects from around the house to help trace out their shapes (think protractors, Tupperware lids, etc)
Class Three: Frottage Collage
Taking inspiration from Canadian Landscape masters, students will create a landscape collage using frottage rubbings to create interesting textures for their creations. Frottage is a basic form of impression-making that involves transferring the texture of a surface to the paper. Students will also discuss the development of picture planes to help plan out their landscapes
Various sheets of paper, any size or colour (sticky notes could be awesome here if you have them!)
One sheet of paper for the final work, any size or colour (computer paper ideal)
Gluestick or tape
Pencil crayons and/or wax crayons
A collection of flat objects you can find around the house that has texture—think leaves, keys, doilies, perhaps you have tiles or a hardwood floor, etc.
Class Four: String-Spring Flowers
In this class, we will use string to “print”. We will create interesting visuals using string and paint on paper, and then cut up our prints to create 3D flower sculptures. Note: this one might get messy!
Various sheets of paper, any size or colour (at least 4 sheets)
Any type of paint (watercolour is ideal)
String—yarn or twine or some such thing is great. Dental floss will do in a pinch
Tape or Gluesticks
Small Paper plate—in the absence of a paper plate, a thick piece of paper or cardboard cut out in the shape of a circle is fine


*All classes are free but we require all Saturday Art Class participants to become Arts Etobicoke members and support the organization’s work in the community. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis and there are no additional fees.

Venue: Online