Saturday Art Class, Intro to Acting with Josh Vokey

Due to the spread of COVID 19 and our responsibility to our patrons and artists, we have decided to move this event to an online forum. You can check back to this event page on the day of the event and streaming instructions will be posted. Thank you for continuing to engage with Arts Etobicoke during these uncertain times and for meeting these challenges as opportunities to engage with the arts in a new and exciting way.

Acting is a skill set that takes a lot of time and effort to build into a successful career.  The purpose of this class is to guide students through the fundamentals of acting; script analysis, emotional preparation of the material, focal exercises/rehearsal, and performance.  Through this guided process, they’ll receive a foundation that can be incredibly useful in building social skills, confidence and even start them on a career if that’s something they want. This class is for youth ages 14-17.

Josh Vokey starred as Scott Smith on the critically acclaimed television series ‘Orphan Black.’ He graduated from the joint theatre program between the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. Josh won Best International Cast for the short film ‘Mismatch and Lighter’ at the Flagler Film Festival in 2017. He taught scene study acting classes for the Actor’s Foundry in Toronto.

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Prior to class:

Students will be asked to select a monologue that they connect with and would like to work on.  They should be 2 mins or less.  If they find something that runs long we can always select a section of the piece to work on.

Week 1: Script analysis

  • We will discuss how it works and why it’s important?
  • Using the material they’ve selected, we will identify and analyze character, objective and the arc in each scene.
  • This allows the actors to find their footing so that they can move onto the next phase of the work.

Week 2: emotional preparation of the material

  • Once actors are able to understand their job in the scene on an intellectual level, it’s time for them to find a way to connect to the scene on an emotional level.
  • We’ll discuss in detail how actors connect to the various elements in a scene through the use of memory and imagination.
  • This is a tricky area of acting filled with a lot of misinformation.  My goal in this lesson is to break down this part of the work in a way that is practical and safe for young adults

Week 3: rehearsal/focal work

  • Using both the intellectual and emotional understanding of each scene, we’ll now put the pieces on their feet and rehearse.
  • We’ll focus on developing useful and productive ways of working on the material to make the most of the rehearsal time.
  • I will work individually with each student for a few minutes on identifying their strengths in the work as well as assigning them homework to help them improve.

Week 4: Performance 

  • Students will have the opportunity to perform their monologues for the group.
  • I’ll address the strengths in their work and give feedback on how to move forward in their process.
  • We’ll spend the final part of the session discussing what the experience was like for any students interested in sharing and I’ll take any questions about what it’s like to work in acting as a career.


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