Saturday Art Class, Improv Theatre with Samara Stern

Due to the spread of COVID 19 and our responsibility to our patrons and artists, we have decided to move this event to an online forum. You can check back to this event page on the day of the event and streaming instructions will be posted. Thank you for continuing to engage with Arts Etobicoke during these uncertain times and for meeting these challenges as opportunities to engage with the arts in a new and exciting way.

Improv is a skill that is really helpful in teaching yourself how to break the cycle of self-judgment. It is helpful both as a space to play and to build confidence in social/ professional situations. The purpose of this class is to guide students through the fundamentals of improv; yes and, object work, building an environment, and scene work.  Through this guided process, they’ll receive a foundation that can be incredibly useful in building social skills, confidence and comedic skills. This class is for youth ages 10-14.

Samara Stern is an actor, improviser and screenwriter. An alumni of the Second City Conservatory, she teaches at The Second City in Toronto. She has a teaching degree from OISE and has substitute taught for eight years. She stars in the series ‘Wholesome Foods I Love You… Is That Okay?” which is streaming on Amazon Prime US/UK and screened at several web festivals. She was nominated for an Indie Series Award for her role on the show and won Best Ensemble Cast at Seoul Webfest.

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Prior to class:

As everything in improv is created in the moment, there will be no required work prior to class or prepared homework.

Week 1: Yes and

  • Introductory games: ex. Making a sound a movement that everyone will copy
  • Story building: ex. Word at a time story, Dr. Know It All (I interview three of them and they answer questions one word at a time)

Week 2: Object Work

  • Practice miming objects: ex. Giving each other gifts
  • Build an environment: ex. Using mimed objects in an environment, students will set up the “where” of a scene  

Week 3: Emotions

  • Games where we play with emotion: ex. Emotional symphony (students practice saying a random word with a specific emotion)
  • Working together to heighten emotion: ex. Jibberish monologue (one student speaks in jibberish and the other translates it copying their physicality and emotion)

Week 4: Scene work

  • Practice doing scenes: ex. Freeze (two people act out a scene, one person calls freeze, tags someone out, and starts a new scene inspired by the physicality of the last scene), Pillars (calling on someone to fill in the blank of a line of dialogue)
  • Costume break where in the middle they put on a random costume with items around the house for the second half of class


*During this time of quarantine and physical distancing, we are waiving the Arts Etobicoke membership requirement to participate in Saturday Art Classes. Arts Etobicoke membership not only has its benefits for you as a member, it also supports the organization’s work in the community. Please visit our members page to learn more about membership and to become a member.

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