Make a Digital Zine with Gloria O’koye and Natalie Chattargoon


In this free, 9-week online program, artists and educators Gloria O’koye and Natalie Chattargoon will take participants through step by step basics of Digital Zine publishing and help them find their unique creative voices. The sessions will be held twice a week and participants will learn a range of skills through creative expression and storytelling exercises as well as design, illustration, typography, and layout.  All participants will be encouraged to collaborate and create a collective digital zine! 

This program is for the youth (Age 14 – 24) of Capri Road and its immediate surroundings in Central Etobicoke. Please register with the link below. This program will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Everyone who registers will be emailed the login information prior to the start of the program.


Click here to register for Make a Digital Zine with Gloria O’koye and Natalie Chatargoon


Gloria O’koye is a dedicated short story writer for 18 years and author of two books ‘A Kintsugi Memoir’ and ‘Hood Chronicles’. Her writing reflects on her personal experience and the lives of people surrounding her. Gloria is passionate about building relationships with different communities, and has been an active member in community engagements across the GTA since 2010. 

Natalie Chattargoon  better known as Rare is a multi-talented creative, born and raised in Toronto closer to the heart of Etobicoke. She’s passionate about Poetry, filmmaking and photography. Rare loves to get involved in community projects and focuses on inspiring youth to follow their dreams. From working with nonprofits across Canada to working in low income communities, Rare has experience in diverse avenues. She is also a 5x published self taught photographer and encourages self directed learning. Her favorite quote is “The World Is Yours To Discover, We all have a purpose to uncover”.

Venue: Online