Adventures in the Enchanted Forest with Sarah Abusarar and Maria del Carmen Ordóñez


Arts Etobicoke in partnership with Delta Family Resource Centre is thrilled to present Arts in Wincott Park – a FREE series of arts activities and workshops for the residents of Kingsview Village – Westway community.

In this class, we will tell pattern stories, rhymes and finger plays to engage children in the storytelling process. We will use movement, sounds and interactive games using Spanish, English, and Croatian. We will also  tell fairy tales that bring challenges stereotypes of beauty, richness, values with humour and creativity. After each story we will play different games based on the stories, and will give participants the opportunity to draw the map of the story and create their own Magic Wand. This class is for ages 3-11.


The Magic Carpet is a multigenerational Collective of Storytellers that came together to bring Cultural Diversity, Family Connections through Movement, Multilingual Rhymes, and Stories from around the World. We are professional Storytellers who came to Canada at different times of our lives. Through our work we want to open a dialog between Cultures, Languages, and different Art modalities. By telling traditional folktales in our Mother Tongue we want to create a flow of stories that bring value and pride in one’s heritage and foster positive self-esteem in children that speak those languages. The purpose of the Collective is to produce a series of interactive multilingual storytelling events in the North Etobicoke area. We believe in the strong emotional connection between language, culture, and identity. This new collective will use various art forms to engage families in the art of storytelling and value the richness of multiculturalism in society. The members of this new Collective are Professional Storytellers: Mariella Bertelli, Sarah Abusarar, and Maria del Carmen Ordonez.


Session 1

Thursday, September 2
3:00 – 4:30 pm

Session 2

Thursday, September 2
4:30 – 6:00 pm

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Venue: Wincott Park

86 Northcrest Rd
M9R 1N7