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Our Volunteers – Our Heroes

The Arts Etobicoke volunteer team is a powerful force, allowing us to better serve our community with local, accessible, high-quality arts programming. This diverse group includes teens, corporate volunteers, artists, university students and other community members.

They contribute their time in many ways – office assistance, event coordination, art class assistance - and we sincerely appreciate their incredible support. We are also pleased that we can provide interesting and meaningful volunteer work – and several of our volunteers have even secured paid contracts at Arts Etobicoke.

We would like to acknowledge the following volunteers who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and generosity:

Tara Dunphy fearlessly helps out in the office with anything that needs to be done - website and database maintenance, event preparations and more. Tara has volunteered with us since 2007 and we consider her an Arts Etobicoke expert!

Faten Toubasi has also been volunteering at Arts Etobicoke since 2007. While she is currently contracted as our After-School Art Drop-In facilitator, Faten continues to volunteer, supporting us with anything we need with intelligence and good humour. She has even recruited a number of fine volunteers for us!

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (MBFS) Volunteer Team – We were thrilled to have the support of 10 volunteers from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services at the 2011 Smart Start Student Art Show. We appreciated their energy, thoughtfulness and willingness to help with anything that needed to be done.

Youth Volunteer Team (Hala, Farhiya, John, Margarita, Tash, Syeda, Nayef, Raj) are like fresh air! They assisted with numerous activities, from mailings to framing artwork to taking photos at the Student Art Show. Reliable, dedicated and enthusiastic, they made a spirited & delightful contribution to every event they assisted with.

Karina Dahlin - A long-time volunteer and former Board Member, Karina continues to stay involved in Arts Etobicoke. Most recently, she provided valuable communications expertise for the development and launch of our Art Alley Mural Project.

Margie Macdonald recently returned to Arts Etobicoke to volunteer after completing her MFA at York University. We look forward to “Tuesdays with Margie” – when she joins us in the office to help out with fundraising, website maintenance and other tasks.

Josie Ieraci is a recent graduate from Humber College. Her arts training makes her an ideal volunteer assistant for the After-School Art Drop-In program, and she has provided assistance for several other events and programs.

Alison Sloan volunteered her communications expertise to Arts Etobicoke while she was on maternity leave this year. She helped us revitalize our Facebook page and provided training to staff on effective use of social media.

Amy Lau, despite her busy role as Senior Campaign Director at Sunnybrook Foundation, generously agreed to mentor Fundraising Manager Ruth Cumberbatch at Arts Etobicoke. Amy shared invaluable advice on developing a fundraising plan, provided coaching on proposal development and was one phone call away whenever there were questions.

Genevieve Allen is a student at York University and we appreciate her commitment to community arts. Genevieve has volunteered in the office on an ongoing basis and we were happy to be able to contract her to assist with the 2011 Smart Start Student Art Show.

New to Canada from Peru, Kathe Illescas is a trained artist and musician who also loves to volunteer. She took on many shifts at the 2011 Smart Start Student Art Show and also helped out at Art on the Move and at our Artful Palate fundraiser. We enjoy her spirit of adventure & willingness to pitch in.

Juhye Lee signed on for numerous volunteer shifts at the 2011 Smart Start Student Art Show and later joined us again at the Art on the Move launch. She is also a new Canadian and finds volunteering to be a great way to meet people.

Keep an eye out for our next E-Bulletin where we will feature the wonderful volunteers on our Board of Directors.

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