amplify: ‘tuning in’ to the voices of homeless youth through the arts

Ongoing at Youth Without Shelter in North Etobicoke

One year ago, Arts Etobicoke and Youth Without Shelter (YWS) launched AMPLIFY, a program that features ongoing multi-media arts workshops for youth. We’re thrilled with the successes of the first year of the program and three more workshops are planned for this year:

Songwriting – Jan 10 – Feb 14, 2013
Instructor: Amy Noseworthy

Graffiti – Feb 26 – Apr 2, 2013
Instructor: Erin (UNITY)

Spoken Word – Apr 16 – May 21, 2013

Instructor: Testament (UNITY)

Designed to build youth self-esteem and support YWS’s life-skills and job-skills building objectives, the program includes workshops in a variety of arts disciplines. In each workshop, the arts educator works with the youth to develop and adapt a lesson plan that best addressed the youths’ interests and abilities.

Said Laura Lipani, YWS’s Steps to Success Program Coordinator, regarding the impact of the AMPLIFY program: “It allows the youth to have an avenue for stress relief. It provides a very therapeutic environment.... [and] also gives the youth a sense of culture.”

Youth Without Shelter is an emergency residence and referral agency in North Etobicoke serving homeless youth aged 16 to 24.


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