NEW! Q Map

Q Map – An After-School Drop-In Program for LGBTQ youth in North Etobicoke

Supported by The Rotary Club of Etobicoke

Q MAP, is a youth led arts based project designed to provide safe space in Rexdale for lesbian gay, bisexual, trans gendered /trans sexual, questioning (LGBTQ) youth. The program sees experienced artists facilitating a series of classes in visual or performing arts, including digital media.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of LGBTQ youth aged 15-20, the classes will engage up to 15 participants in storytelling/personal narratives and may include comics, zine making, writing, performance, fashion/textile art and more.

Q MAP aims to offer art instruction that will engage youth in expressive arts/ design programming that will build youth self-esteem, build life and job skills, and that supports and addresses the needs and concerns of LGBTQ youth.

Rex Pride presents this program in collaboration with Arts Etobicoke, LOVE-Leave Out Violence and Rexdale Pro Tech Media Centre.

Workshop Schedule

Nov 9 – Dec 4, 2012
ILL NANA – Dance, Vogue, Gender Bending

Feb 1 – Mar 8, 2013
Sunny D – Storytelling, Around the World and Subliminal Pieces

Apr 5 – May 10, 2013
R3 – Zine Music and Movement

About Rex Pride

Rex Pride was formed in 2009 to provide a safe-space in Rexdale/Jamestown and give youth who identify as LGBTTIQQ2SPA the opportunity to learn quality artistic skills and create a message for social change in the community. At Rex Pride youth are free to explore the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity in various, self-guided ways.

This is accomplished by creating and supporting innovative, inspiring and creative programs, led by our Youth Advisory Committee. By engaging youth in quality programming that supports them creatively, emotionally and holistically we are able to address both their internal and external journey as it relates to LGBTQ needs. Rex Pride supports local schools, agencies and residents through raising awareness, educating, networking and sharing of resources.

By fostering fluidity through communication, we have begun to establish a network of youth and community partners that are invested in anti-oppression models that take seriously the concerns and needs of LGBTQ youth. By anti-oppression, we mean a model of shared work that acknowledges multiple and connecting forms of oppression (with regard to race, sexuality, gender, age, ability and other forms) and in turn integrates this acknowledgement in program design and implementation. By doing so we are involved in creating a larger and stronger base of youth services, programming and supports that expand a “Safe Space” model to include the multiple communities our youth are a part of and the Jamestown/ Rexdale community as a whole.

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