3rd Annual ‘Arts Day’ at the City

3rd Annual 'Arts Day' at the City

Tues Nov 13, 2012

Our Board members (Karl Sprogis and Frank Trotz) and Executive Director (Louise Garfield), program partners from urbanNOISE (Chris Tolley and Laura Mullin) all joined the Toronto Alliance of the Performing Arts (TAPA) and Friends of the Arts, representing over 20,000 Torontonians from 44 city wards.

On Tuesday November 13, 2012 we met with city councillors to get out the word that Arts and Culture are essential elements of healthy, beautiful and economically thriving communities in every corner of the city, and to support City Council's Culture Plan goal of increasing Toronto’s per capita arts spending from $18 to $25.

The impact of investment in the arts can't be understated and reaches the hearts of minds of so many in our local neighborhoods. Increased support for the arts results in positive impacts on jobs, businesses, international profile and our quality of life.

A few key points:

  • Toronto's cultural sector generates $9 billion of the city's GDP
  • It employs 130,000 people (almost as many people as work in the Ontario automotive sector)
  • Healthy communities: Animated spaces are safe and vibrant spaces and make beautiful and meaningful neighbourhoods
  • Cultural activities attract 4 times more visitors to the city than sports
  • Every dollar invested in the arts by the city generates $17 in additional funding from other sources including the private sector.

The Friends of the Arts network includes TAPA, ArtsVote, Arts Etobicoke, Lakeshore Arts, Scarborough Arts, Beautiful City, Business for the Arts, North York Arts and the Toronto Arts Foundation. 


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