My City My Six: Poetry Writing

Poetry Writing

For Adults with Angel Beyde
Saturday March 4 & 11, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

This workshop will explore various poetry forms including Haiku, Couplet, Epigram and Cinquain. Participants will choose the poetry form that is most appealing to create a six-word "snapshot" of their lives. We will also explore the relationship between fiction, poetry, and memoir. These six-word story/poems can be submitted to the My City My Six participatory public art project, organized by the City of Toronto. Based on the six-word story concept (popularized by Smith Magazine), this project invites Torontonians to contribute six words that best tell their story.

My City My Six will culminate in a city-wide exhibition in Fall 2017, showing the diverse lives that collectively make up this great city at this moment in time. The final artwork will also be displayed as part of the My City My Six exhibition at Arts Etobicoke's Storefront Gallery and outdoor Art Alley in Fall 2017. If you want to participate in this free, first-of-its-kind workshop, please contact Graham Curry at to register. Light refreshments will be provided. Space is limited and registration is required.

Workshops will take place in Arts Etobicoke Storefront Gallery, 4893A Dundas Street West, Toronto.

For more information about My City My Six, please visit the main project page on the City of Toronto's website.


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