Design and the Environment

 Design and the Environment


Exploring how our built environment can positively impact biodiversity

In this workshop each student picked one animal indigenous to the City of Toronto as his or her ‘client’ and were asked to design a structure that would accommodate human use and enhance the habitat of that animal. Each student ensured their design conserved water, material and energy, and educated people by providing spaces and places to play and enjoy nature in the city.

Students used drawing and the building of scale models to explore and express their ideas. The concept of having an animal as a ‘client’ that must share an environment with its human counterparts gave students an opportunity to use this relationship to understand the human impact on our environment, inspire form, connect to nature and encouraged students to become stewards of their natural environment.

This program was lead in partnership with No. 9. It is No.9’s mission to empower youth through art and design education, so that they may build sustainable communities.

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