Creativity and Well-Being

Creativity and Well-Being Workshops

At the Arts Etobicoke Gallery
Generously supported by The Johansen-Larsen Foundation

For adults and seniors
with Natalie Kauffman
Nov 16, 23, 30, 2013

In this workshop, participants explored art as a means of expression, discovery, collaboration and skill building. Through a variety of exercises, they learned skills in drawing, painting, sculpture and writing to express our creativity.

A highlight of the program was ‘partner painting’ where participants were asked to work in pairs and paint as though you were five again. Instructor Natalie Kauffman observed, “They really enjoyed the playful, sharing and even challenging aspect of trying to get back into your childlike state of mind."

We received many positive comments from the participants about the classes, including the following:

"I took this class because I'm interested in finding an artistic outlet and sometimes I do not take classes because of the cost, so this was great. Thanks!"

I liked getting to try new things and learn different perspectives of art and the outcome! It helps to relieve stress and it's a great way to express yourself" You find and discover new things about yourself as an individual."

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