Calligraphy: Text as Art

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Whatever your language, this class will use the shape of letters and words to create art and explores the ways in which calligraphy and text have been incorporated into visual arts. The emphasis of the workshop is on hands on art-making in order to investigate the creative possibilities of calligraphy from traditional art forms to contemporary art. Students practice calligraphy using traditional reed pen and ink used in Islamiccalligraphy to create artworks inspired by the calligraphy. No knowledge of language or calligraphy is required.

Class Details

  • Adults and Seniors

  • Saturdays, 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

  • December 5 & 12


Soheila K. Esfahani grew up in Tehran, Iran, and moved to Canada in 1992. She received her BA in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo and her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario. Currently, Soheila is a participant in a research/creation group entitled Immersion Emergencies and Possible Worlds: Engaging Water as Culture and Resource through Contemporary Art funded by Research/Creation Grant in Fine Arts through Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada. Soheila has received numerous awards and grants and her work is represented in public and private collections including the Canada Council’s Art Bank.

Esfahani’s art practice incorporates traditional Persian script within a modern composition. While the essence of the calligraphy predominates and reveals an Eastern origin in her work, forms, lines and texture attest to a Western abstract influence. In her work, the mystical concepts of transformations, spirituality, and alchemy manifest through the meaning of poems by Persian poet, Rumi.

As a culturally diverse artist living in Canada, her recent art practice navigates the terrains of cultural translation and explores the processes involved in cultural transfer and transformation. Her installations focus on the translation in its etymological meaning as the process of ‘carrying across’ or ‘bringing across’ and Homi Bhabha’s notion of the Third Space as a site for cultural translation.

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