Writing Classes for Adults

The No Rules, No Mistakes Art of Making Words and Pictures: Free Writing Classes for Adults

May 7 – June 11, 2011

This fun and dynamic workshop, led by artist/teacher Angel Beyde, was an exploration of creativity through words and pictures. Participants spent Saturday afternoons in the Arts Etobicoke Gallery trying out creative writing exercises that incorporated a relaxed, free-form visual element. Generously supported by the Johansen-Larsen Foundation.

We’re pleased that adults who are new to Canada also signed up for these free workshops.  For example, participant Juyhe Lee is a young adult who arrived in Canada from Korea only a few months ago and became involved in Arts Etobicoke as a volunteer. Angel has ESL experience and helped newcomers to find a way to make the most of the English they already have, as well as working with the languages that were brought to the classroom in their creative writing.

The following is a sample of work created by one of the participants:

By Maria Ariganello

... Enough words! Silence!

Pull the thorn of existence out of your heart! Fast!

For when you do you will see thousands of rose

gardens in yourself.


— Rumi
Discussion Between Love and the Intellect



She sat quietly reflecting, thinking — trying to grasp the ellusive ‘Why.’

Why is it easier to nurture and show compassion towards others and not towards oneself. Why is that?

Why is it easier to empathize with the plight of others, when repeatedly you negate your own needs and desires? Why is that?

What if it’s you who needs protection, kindness and compassion. Can you give it?

Take the child within you yearning to be held and press her to your heart. Offer her safety, love and protection.

Swaddle her in a blanket woven with threads of love, caring and compassion and recognize that she is you.

How precious you are. For within you is a piece of the divine.

Embrace yourself tightly and let go of your fears.

Concentrate! Open:
your eyes to see,
your heart to feel, 
your ears to hear, 
your mind to the bounty the universe affords you.


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