Art Alley Mural Classes for Youth

Instructor: Faten Toubasi
Date: July 24 - August 14, 2010
Ages: Teenagers

The Art Alley Mural Project, a new mural painted on the wall next to our office and Gallery and featuring poetry by City of Toronto's Poet Laureate Dionne Brand, includes an exciting learning opportunity for youth through our free Saturday Storefront Art Classes.

Artist / teacher Faten Toubasi will lead participants in a series of classes that demonstrate the process of public art creation through involvement in and reaction to the Art Alley mural project.

Students will receive technical training in mural painting labour and then will create their own art by exploring themes generated by the Mural Project.

The final objective is for participants to create a collective artwork which will take the form of either a proposal for a mural in the immediate community or an installation work for the front window of our office and Gallery. This work is to be displayed to the public at the launch of the Art Alley project in October 2010.

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