Adult Art Classes


Age: 18 to seniors      
Apr 20 – Jun 1 2013
Saturdays 1-3pm
Instructor: Erica Brisson

Supported by The Johansen-Larsen Foundation.

This creative class for adults was led by Toronto-based visual artist Erica Brisson.

Participants learned about various drawing techniques, line, space, proportion, light, shadow, colour and portraiture. They also had the opportunity to express themselves creatively through exercises using gesture, blind contour drawing and drawing to music.

About the Artist / Teacher

Artist Erica Brisson is an artist who uses drawing as a key conduit for social encounters exploring public space and the physical environment. Born and raised in Toronto, she studied fine art at Concordia University in Montreal (BFA, 2007).

She has produced community-based projects including teaching passersby to build their own furniture out of cardboard in a public park, designing a mobile mural for Art on the Move, and creating a social space for turning memories of meaningful Toronto locations into hand-drawn postcards.

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