Year 2 - 2014

Queer Media Arts Project

At the Rexdale Community Hub
Generously supported by RBC Foundation and The Rotary Club of Etobicoke

In 2014, QMAP featured diverse arts education and cultural experiences for LGBTQ youth in the North Etobicoke community.

It has helped me to accept what I am because I see more people like myself.
Youth program participant

"QMAP is Cool. Yes I said it “cool”. Sometimes and most times, that’s all a program needs
to make a difference. It makes a difference to me.

Tress Idehen, youth participant

1. Special Intensive Series: Silkscreen / Painting
Instructors: Isaac Narciso Weber (Native Vision Production) and Nyle Johnston (Evergreen, Brickworks)
January 2014

The sessions focussed on storytelling using Aboriginal narrative traditions to create safe space for explorations around personal identity for LGBTQ youth.

Weber, an Anishinabek man and a member of the Henvy inlet First Nations, led participants through multiple exercises designed to encourage discussion while investigating oral storytelling techniques and image making.

Discoveries from the first half of the series were incorporated into imagery that was painted on canvas & employed in contemporary silkscreen methods.

The group also created individual designs with an LGBTQ focus that were silkscreened onto T-shirts intended for wear at the upcoming World Pride March.

2. Theatre Workshop Series: The Art of Drag & Gender Bending
Instructor: Performer Francisco Flores
March 3-April 14, 2014
This series focused on character & story development, along with make up and costume techniques. Youth created original pieces for a showcase performance held at the end of the sessions.

3. Storytelling Workshop Series: Writing for Rage, Writing for Love
Instructor: Artist Meral Pasha
April 21-May 26, 2014
With an aim to facilitate a safe space for youth to express their capacity for storytelling, these sessions explore different media and methods (poetry, photography etc.) to produce, create and share narrative artwork.

4. Music Workshop Series: Arise - Exploring Artistic Voice /Art as a Tool for Social Change/Spirituality/Decolonization & Healing
Instructor: Singer/Songwriter Amai Kuda
June 2-July 7, 2014
This multi-media course incorporated visual art and storytelling as well as theatre, dance, music and filmmaking. Youth engaged in an examination of colonialism and its impact on all people along with ways to use creative expression as a form of resistance and healing.

5. Gallery Exhibition at Arts Etobicoke
Feb 21 – Apr 25, 2014
This exhibition featured artwork from the special Silkscreen / Painting Intensive workshops, including imagery that was painted on canvas & employed in contemporary silkscreen methods.

6. Mini Mag Project
June – August, 2014
Participants collaborated to develop a mini mag that draws from the silkscreen, theatre, storytelling and music workshops. Upon completion, copies of the mini mag will be professionally printed for all the participants to keep and share.

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