Year 3 - 2008

"Unity" was the theme of the third year of the event. This theme was meant to encourage community members to join forces.  The Festival was hosted by MTV comedian Gilson Lubin and held at the North Kipling Community Centre on September 27, 2008. The Festival included a range of activities including face painting, henna art, a DJ workshop and a boogie zone dance-off.

The media coverage that the project attracted took the focus off the violence and crime in the area and re-directed it to the talent and energy of its youth and artists. Congratulations to our Board of Director Councillor Suzan Hall who was recognized for her continued support and dedication with a "Shout-Out" award

Performers reflected the multicultural nature of Rexdale and included:

  • Bal-E-Lasara
  • MC JD
  • comedian Ali Rizvi
  • BBC Soundcrew
  • Trixx
  • Prosad
  • Little Empire
  • Kae Sun
  • BrassMonk
Photographer - Robert Carter

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