Year 4 - 2012

Art on the Move: A Mobile Arts Project for North Etobicoke Youth

Presented in partnership with Albion Boys and Girls Club, MicroSkills and Rexdale ProTech Media Centre. Generously supported by RBC Foundation.

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013, the fourteenth Art on the Move vehicle was launched at the Rexdale Community Hub at a festive event celebrated by project participants and partners.

The project engaged at-risk children and youth in North Etobicoke who collaborated with a professional artist to adorn a van belonging to the Albion Boys and Girls Club and Albion Neighbourhood Services.

Program participants included children from the Albion Boys & Girls Club and youth from MicroSkills and Rexdale Pro Tech Media Centre. They participated in the following cultural activities as part of the project:

• arts education workshops (Sept – Nov 2012)
• design of an art-wrapped vehicle (Dec 2012 – Feb 2013)
• launch & celebration event (March 2013)
• photo & video documentation (Sep 2012 - Apr 2013)

The themes of community and identity were the touch points throughout the program. The Albion Boys and Girls Club offers a variety of activities– from outdoor sports to African drumming.  Led by artist Graham Curry, the children drew upon these experiences at the club and learned to express their ideas in drawing, painting and collage during a 6-week art program.

Youth from MicroSkills photographed the children in various activities that they like to do while at the centre. From the photographs, they created silhouette forms on the computer, which Curry further altered through digital collage.

The vehicle design features the silhouettes of the children filled with the artwork they created throughout the 6-week art program.

The final design was art-wrapped onto a large van which is used to transport the children from neighborhood schools to the Albion Boys and Girls Club for after-school programs.

Youth from MicroSkills were mentored in documenting with still photography and a video documentary of the entire project.

For many of the children and youth, participating in a public art project was a new experience. They expressed their appreciation in learning new skills as well as their pride and happiness in being able to work on a team to create a unique mobile art piece that would be enjoyed by many other people in their communities.

When asked, “did you learn anything new?”, one young girl replied “Yes, all the different textures you can do with painting”. Another boy expressed his appreciation for the arts workshops: “We got to do draw and paint (I like art) and next thing you know, all of the drawing and painting are going to go on the van!

And in response to the question ‘What will you tell people if you see the van driving down the street? a young girl said, “Me and my team worked on that!

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