Myseum Intersections Festival

How to "Memory Archive": Revisiting & Remixing Etobicoke's Past
Part of the 2019 Myseum Intersetion Festival 

Arts Etobicoke and art collective DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC MEMORY invite participants to contribute to the creation of a “Memory Archive” for Etobicoke. What are the hidden narratives in this part of the city? Which histories need to be revisited? And how can we create new memories together?

In the three-part workshop series and artist talk, participants will have a chance to experience the DEPARTMENT’s Memory Archive of Public Works (an interactive installation), learn the art of “memory collection” and remix historical materials related to Etobicoke’s past.

Opening reception + Artist talk – March 7th, 2019, 6-8 pm
Arts Etobicoke Storefront Gallery (4893a Dundas St. W)

This project will kick-off with a reception for DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC MEMORY’s latest exhibition, Traces of Care, in the Arts Etobicoke storefront gallery. During the DEPARTMENT’s artist talk you can learn more about who they are and what they do. If you are inspired be sure to sign up for the following workshops on Memory Collection and Memory Archiving!

Workshop #1a & 1b - March 9th, 2019, 11am - 1pm OR 2pm - 4pm
Arts Etobicoke Storefront Gallery (4893a Dundas St. W)

In this initial workshop, participants will interact with the Department of Public Memory's full Memory Archive (created in 2017/2018). The Memory Archive pieces together memories, objects, images and other found artefacts in surprising and unexpected ways. This unusual collection documents a range of overlooked efforts to make Toronto more inclusive and liveable, with files on nursing, housing activism, community gardens and more. The archive’s contents have been inspired by oral history interviews and have been created/selected to evoke further remembering on the part of the audience. The Archives do not tell stories in a linear or definitive way, but instead allows for others to connect their own experiences to a particular story by accessing their own lived experience.

Workshop #2 - March 16th, 2019, 1pm - 4pm
Cloverdale Mall (250 The East Mall, Etobicoke)

In this workshop, participants will be gathering rich, first-person insights about how and where people connect with one another. The "issue" is community gathering spaces - where do people go to meet neighbours and friends? Cloverdale Mall will be the backdrop for participants to think about their own experiences of where and how they gather. This workshop will begin with an hour long training session in the Department's "Memory Collection" process. Our methods are designed to help interviewees access their memories, feelings and senses more than relating facts and figures about a particular issue. Interview questions are intended to tap into the "right side of the brain" and allow time for people to make associations and connections between social issues and their own lived experience. This is a very different methodology from a typical survey or interview process.

Participants will spend time learning to do "Memory Collection" and practicing on each other before donning Department of Public Memory uniforms and heading out into the mall. The remainder of the workshop will be spent doing Memory Collection within the Cloverdale Mall. The smells, sounds and sites of a location are what trigger memories in people. In the context of the mall, people will be able to tap into either their own experiences of being in this particular space, or compare it to other spaces where they have gathered and made community. We will try to access memories using questions that get at how you feel in a space, who you meet and what you do there.

Workshop #3 - March 23th, 2019, 1pm - 4pm at
Arts Etobicoke (4893A Dundas St. Wes
In Workshop 3 you can get creative as we work with the “living memories” gathered from last week. This is a hands on, artistic workshop where you will learn ways to remix this research. Experiment with piecing together the “living memories” we’ve gathered with other artifacts, images and historical materials to tell new stories about Islington Village’s past and future. You will finish this workshop with an art piece that features these living memories. We hope that this small memory artifact inspires you to find and document more hidden stories in your community.

Please register for each event on Eventbrite.

All are welcome to participate in these free workshops - no artistic skills necessary! For those interested in attending Workshop 2 and 3 to learn about researching and collecting memories, we hope you will attend all three workshops. Participation in the full series is recommended but not required.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Wendy at 647-806-8731 or

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