Recreating the Self No. 2

Recreating the Self No. 2: Rexdale Seniors Explore Diversity Through the Arts 

With W5ART Collective and Rexdale Community Health Centre

On Thurs Aug 15, seniors from the Rexdale community came out to Arts Etobicoke for the reception of the exhibition 'Recreating the Self No. 2', presented in partnership with W5ART Collective and the Rexdale Community Health Centre. 

The participants were presented with mementos of the project and had the opportunity to express, in their own words and their own language, what the project meant to them.  Afterward, all in attendance watched a video that featured images and stories created by the seniors.

‘Recreating the Self No. 2’ is a multidisciplinary project that led the seniors into an inquiry-based, narrative process of discovery, including: writing scripts, designing objects and performing a sustainable city of the future. 

It presented the opportunity for participants of various backgrounds to explore their understanding of the diversity of Canadian culture today.

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