Off the Wall

Sew! Dance! Draw! Play! Sculpt! Write! Photograph! Sing!

September 24 – November 12

This interactive exhibit is inspired by The Art Alley Mural Project, produced by Arts Etobicoke, participating in Amnesty International's Project: Urban Canvas – A mural series celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Drop by the gallery and create or interact! Project: Urban Canvas will produce 30 murals throughout the GTA, each interpreting one of the 30 articles of human rights.

Arts Etobicoke chose Article 13 for the theme of its mural - “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state” and commissioned Dionne Brand, City of Toronto’s Poet Laureate, to write an original poem based on this article.

“Off the Wall” is a show that relies on the participation of our neighbours for completion. We are asking the public to drop by and respond to our beautiful new mural in the alley next door to the office.

This is a text ripe for reflection in this city full of migrants who came here (in the words of Dionne Brand) “driven on the muscular spasms/ of guesses, and hard bargains and wars and lack”! What does this mean to you? When you leave your country or home behind, what should you take with you? What should you leave behind? What will you miss forever? What precious thing may be found in your new home?

You can respond to these questions and more by dropping in for as little or as often as you choose to write, sketch, dance, draw, sew, leave a post-it note, or even create a magnetic poem on our giant fridge! Your response is welcome and needed, and you do not need to have any previous art experience to add your point of view.

Drop by and see our new mural in the alley next door and then come see the interactive exhibition to show us how the mural makes you feel! Everyone is welcome.

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