My Place: My City My Six


My Place: My City My Six

September 5 - October 28

M-F, 10:00am - 4:00pm

Public Reception: Saturday, September 9, 1:00 - 3:00pm

My City My Six is a participatory public art project that reveals Toronto and its residents in celebration of Canada 150, six words at a time. MCM6 is led by Toronto Arts and Culture in collaboration with the city's six local arts service organizations. Stories have been collected through emails, workshops, and events and Arts Etobicoke collected over 200 stories from our community. 

A small collection of stories was selected for display in the Etobicoke Storefront gallery. The exhibition focuses on themes of travelling – from far distances, such as Palestine, Poland and Guatemala – and closer, but still often foreign feeling locations like the Saskatchewan prairies – and powerful experiences closer to home. A slice of the collected stories represent the common and uncommon passages of our city’s citizens. The viewer may find some stories relatable, while other stories are quite unbelievable. The stories will be displayed next to a portraitofteh author. The portraits were taken to further help us understand our community; to take a moment to look at the faces we pass on the streets everyday and to share in their story.

The "In The Clouds" exhibit in the Arts Etobicoke window is based on one of our stories- "In the Clouds Swoosh I live." It was selected based on how the story conjures feelings of excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm, and also how the story feels, looks and sounds. It lives beyond the lines of a page and occupies a large space.

The alley next to our office will showcase 70 of our favourite stories, some are funny, hopeful and endearing, while others are heartbreaking or bleak. We hope that with each trip down the alleyway, viewers will find new stories and interpret them differently with each visit. 

MCM6 is a Cultural Hotspot project, in celebration of Canada 150, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto.




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