Made You Look!

Made You Look! Eight Young Photographers Document Their Neighbourhood

(Part of the 14th annual Toronto CONTACT Photography Festival)
May 1 – July 2, 2010

Artists: Taylor Adams, Syeda Hassan, Jennifer Meza, Archie Pal, Nayef Sayed, Lina Shbaita. Emma Smyth, Megan Sumners.

Made You Look! showcases the visions of eight young people aged 13-21 who participated in photography workshops offered in our Storefront Gallery in the summer of 2009 as a part of the Our City, Our Stories program and contest presented by the City of Toronto and powered by Canon.

Instructor Bridget Rowe focused the workshops on visual storytelling skills including image composition, storyboarding and journaling. All eight of the participants created original and vibrant photos, and we are pleased to highlight their achievements.

The lenses of these eight young photographers create new perspectives on the everyday urban landscape, making us see formal beauty in supposedly mundane details.

Youthful bodies crouch, leap, twist, toss and lie among banal objects to discover new angles. The undersides of cars, cracked pavements and even a garden hose are transformed into arrangements shape, pattern, texture and colour. A swirling circus act in a dark tent becomes a painting in light. A small cataract with floating Styrofoam cup receives appreciation without idealization.

These photographs, both intimate and exciting, remind us to be in the moment and to see with fresh eyes.

Our City, Our Stories powered by Canon workshops were offered by several local arts service organizations including Lakeshore Arts, Scarborough Arts Council and Urban Arts. The program culminated in an urban youth contest and photography exhibition which was exhibited at Toronto City Hall, the Etobicoke Civic Centre, and continues to tour.

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