Lemonade: Etobicoke's Mabelle Community in Full Colour

(Part of the 13th annual Toronto CONTACT Photography Festival)
Thursday, March 5 – Sunday, May 31, 2009
Opening reception: Thursday, May 7, 2009

Photographers: Leah Houston, Noah Kenneally, Mindy Stricke

For Toronto’s 13th annual CONTACT Photography Festival, we collaborated with neighbouring community arts group MABELLEarts to present Lemonade – a unique community-based photo exhibit.

This refreshing show chronicled the perils of a community of children and artists attempting to make and enjoy their own lemonade at Lantern Garden, an art garden and urban revitalization project for children, youth and families living in Mabelle, a public housing community in Etobicoke.

The photos portray the pucker of those brave individuals who gave the lemonade a try and also offer a glimpse into life at Lantern Garden. We celebrated the show with this community on May 7 by hosting a reception in our Storefront Gallery.

The Lantern Garden was dreamed up by MABELLEarts Artistic Director Leah Houston and community artist Noah Kenneally. With the support of Toronto Community Housing and the Lawrence Family Foundation, MABELLEarts has grown into an ongoing community-based arts centre celebrating the possibilities of makeshift and imperfect spaces that make room for creative activity and transformation.

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