Isabella Vella Solo Exhibition


Isabella Vella Artist statement

Within my work, I navigate intricate shared histories through the creation of considered environments. My process and product mirror each other through personal attraction to aesthetically pleasing and comfortable subject matter. I work exclusively in intimate spaces which guide my motivations for the creation of these highly detailed and engaged studies. Through this element of my practice, I create unassumingly familiar relationships for the viewer, both with and within my paintings and drawings. Expanding on the lineage of found objects, I use them to add context to portraits that become rich with history. While establishing my work’s place within cultural timelines, I also try to borrow and postulate, allowing it to exist in relationship to multiple landmarks at once.

Diverging from tradition, I use the familiarity of the portrait to explore the subject’s relationship with their immediate surroundings, imitating my own work processes. Although the spaces lend themselves to the feeling of reality, the environments in which my subjects reside are imagined. By documenting various experiences, spaces, and ephemera, I am drawing from reality to create new realities. I assemble these elements using materials with histories of their own to continue building connections between the subject matter and my own work processes.

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