How Art exhibition Jurors Make Decision?

Art Exhibition Jurors
Make Decision?

WHEN: February 13 2019 - 6pm to 8pm
WHERE: Storefront Gallery, Arts Etobicoke

Presentation: How to Jurors make Decisions? Preparing to submit to a Juried Art Show.

Join Lee Petrie, Exhibitions Director at the Gladstone Hotel to learn about applying to a Juried Art Show. What are jurors looking for? How do they make their decisions? And how can this help you better prepare for a Juried Art Show?

Lee has 20 years of experience as an art curator and arts programmer, and has spent many hours reviewing juried show submissions. She has worked with emerging and established artists from Toronto, and from around the world. She has been on art juries for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Latcham Gallery, Neilson Park Creative Centre, San Diego International Airport, and more, and organized juried exhibitions at Toronto Pearson International Airport and the Living Arts Centre.

Currently, as the Exhibitions Director at the Gladstone hotel, Lee develops and executes all contemporary exhibition programming and related partnerships for the hotel. She also acted as the Exhibition and Residency Program Coordinator at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga and the Curator at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

We are pleased to host Lee for this informative presentation about preparing for a Juried Art Show.

Participating in an art show, at any stage of one's career, is a wonderful means of gaining certification and acknowledgement. To be able to receive appreciation and recognition from people other than friends and family can be very invigorating for emerging artists. Entering a juried art show is an excellent way of building up a resume, especially if one is fortunate enough to get selected in such esteemed art shows. In addition, more people may adore your work, increasing the possibility of sales and getting into galleries.

The term juried means that submitted artwork will be reviewed and evaluated for inclusion in an exhibit or event.

To know what do these jury look for in your art or how do the jurors make decision, join us on Wednesday, 13th February 2019 from 6pm to 8pm at Arts Etobicoke with our esteemed speaker, Lee Petrie. 

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