Holiday Market

Arts Etobicoke's Holiday Market at Cloverdale Common

Arts Etobicoke is hosting our first ever Holiday Market in the Cloverdale Common inside Cloverdale Mall this holiday season! We are now accepting applications from artists and artisans who make unique, handmade works; including fine art, jewellery, clothing/textiles, crafts, food products, etc. to be vendors in this Holiday Market.

This curated market will run December 6-8th and December 13-15th from 11-6pm Fridays/Saturdays and 12-5pm Sundays. Vendors must table their products for one full weekend.

After the submissions have been reviewed and tables are assigned, Arts Etobicoke will contact applicants who have indicated interest in exhibiting both weekends if there is availability.

To Apply

Find our application form below!

A selection committee will review submissions for suitability. Remember to include up to 6 images (as 1 PDF or email images to of the products, or type of products you will be exhibiting at the Holiday Market. Please name all your images as (Name_Title_01).

Vendors must only exhibit and sell the type of work or items approved by the Selection Committee as outlined in the application form. Arts Etobicoke has the right to remove works not submitted for selection at the market. Please ensure all potential works are represented in your application.

The Selection Committee will not accept applications for “MLM” products (scentsy, 31Gifts, avon, etc), all products must be handmade/created by the applicant or applicant group.

Applications are due by: September 15, 2019 at 11:59pm
Successful Applicants will be notified by: September 30, 2019
If you have any questions contact:

Note: Electrical outlets are in extremely short supply. Only wall space booths have access to outlets. If you require power you must apply for a wall space & select YES. If power is not necessary please select NO.
The Cloverdale Common is very well lit with gallery-quality lighting as well as overhead lights, exhibitors will not require additional product lighting.

Application Form

Upload Images (up to 6):

Vendor Pricing Information

Wall Space Booths: $100.00
Central Table Space Booths: $70.00
Wall Space Booths: $150.00
Central Table Space Booths: $110:00

Booths will be arranged along the south wall and tables will be arranged in the center space of the Cloverdale Common. Booths are limited to a 5ftx6ft space. Tables (approx. 5ft x 2.5ft) are provided.

Wall Space Booths: 
(6'x5' Space + Wall)
One row of booths will be situated against the south wall of the space. Only Vendors in designated wall-space booths may attach items to the wall. Please ensure any hanging equipment will cause minimal to no damage to the existing wall structure of the space. Please note, booths must be self-sufficient, they are not supplied with tables or chairs. 

Only booths with wall space will have access to the electrical outlets.

Central Table Space:

Two rows of tables will be arranged along the centre of the space with chairs. Product and merchandise is restricted to the individual table spaces and can not extend into the walkways.

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