Colours in Shape

Colours in Shape
Oct 7 - Nov 8, 2019
Reception: Oct 23, 2019 
Artists: Jieun June Kim, Mr.Hydde, Shabnam Afrand

Colours in Shape is three-person show by Jieun June Kim, Mr.Hydde, and Shabnam Afrand. All three artists works come together with a unique perspective of their application of colours to varied shapes— both geometric and organic forms. Expressionist style by Mr. Hydde's vibrant colours and absurd characters compliments the metal sculptures by Shabnam Afrand where in she creates an
ambiance of longing in her practice and uses memorable objects with fanciful extensions to consider how one can integrate bitter memories and warm nostalgia into their sense of self. On the other hand, simplistic yet strong geometric forms by Jieun June Kim leads a way to fantasy world of playfulness and colourful surroundings.

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