Everyone. Everywhere. Mural

Everyone. Everywhere. Mural: An Intersection of Community Arts and Human Rights

On the bridge at Islington Ave & Dundas St. West

On Thursday, October 24, 2013, the new Everyone. Everywhere. mural was unveiled on the bridge at Islington and Dundas, followed by a reception at Arts Etobicoke.

Connecting human rights and community arts, the ‘Everyone. Everywhere.’ mural aims to celebrate the valuable contributions (artistic and otherwise) of differently-abled people.

Based on Article 6 (“Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law”) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this vibrant 200 foot long mosaic/paint mural on a highly visible bridge located on Islington Ave. showcases the bold, emotional work of the artists from Creative Village Studio in a powerful statement about human rights awareness.

Louise Garfield, Executive Director of Arts Etobicoke says, "Our ongoing work with neighbour Creative Village Studio and their clients, who have intellectual disabilities, brings this human rights issue into sharp focus. People who are differently-abled and their contributions are often invisible and undervalued. ‘Everyone. Everywhere.’ will bring the work of these artists into the public eye and connect it with the human rights awareness of Amnesty International’s Project: Urban Canvas, which seeks to bring Toronto public attention to human rights in a series of 30 murals throughout the GTA.”

This mural is the 2nd collaboration between Arts Etobicoke and Amnesty and the 15th mural in Project: Urban Canvas. 

Everyone. Everywhere. was stewarded by Red Dress Productions and led by artistic director and designer Anna Camilleri and production lead Tristan R. Whiston, with associate artists Katie Yealland, Chantelle Gobeil, and Andrenne Finnikin.

Everyone. Everywhere. is presented by Arts Etobicoke with Creative Village Studio, Red Dress Productions and StreetARToronto, and participating in Amnesty International's Project: Urban Canvas – a series of 30 murals throughout Toronto celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. www.aito.ca/urbancanvas.

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