2019 People's Choice Awards

2019 Judge Favourites 

Maddalena Matera (Inglenook Community School) and Isabel Leitch (St. Patrick CSS) have been chosen to give an intimate talk at the Art Gallery of Ontario! 

Coming Up:
Student Artists in Conversation
April 27th, 11-12pm at the Art Gallery of Ontario  

Arts Etobicoke presents two up-and-coming student artists in conversation on April 27. Maddalena Matera (Inglenook Community School) and Isabel Leitch (St. Patrick CSS) were chosen by judges Moira Ness, Donald Zhu, and Bareket Kezwer at this year’s EDGE: Youth Art Show. Both will provide insights and commentary on process, inspiration, and life as student artists. More information to come!

Bareket Kezwer on Isabel:
“I selected this piece because of the honest and eager conversation I had with Isabel. She eloquently explained the theme to me: she has had trouble forming friendships and in the last years of high school she has made some friends. In this painting she was exploring her relationship with one friend who she admires for her energy and enthusiasm. She is also exploring the idea of memory, and the ways memories become distorted. For this reason, she chose to depict her friend in water—because water distorts our perception. I was impressed by the depth or her thinking. I think the painting itself is beautiful, full of dynamism and energy and she showed a lot of investment in developing her craft and artistic practice.”

Moira Ness on Maddalena:
“She was extremely well spoken and very professional. I was fangirl-ing while talking to her about her work and she was really sweet and humble, very surprised that both Donald and I were so impressed with her work. When asked about her work she told us about how her mother became ill when Maddalena was four or five and how Maddalena drew these portraits of her mother on her deathbed from her early memory. The photos in these pieces are from her homeland, an island in the Caribbean. The piece itself is really interesting because it is a framed photo of her sketchbook, but she somehow kept that tactile vibe of a sketchbook. I was just really impressed.”



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