Year 3 - 2016

Year 3 Beats + Intentions

Beats + intentions is a paid training & performance opportunity for emerging artists 18-25.
Program runs Sept 12 — Sept 30, 2016 @ COBA Studios (Regent Park).
Show on Sat Oct 1, 2016 @ Artscape Youngplace.
The performance is part of Nuit Blanche.

Twenty participants will be selected to train with our team of professional artists, and will collaborate to create an original multi-arts show that will be presented at this year’s Nuit Blanche Festival.

The mentorship program consists of in-studio training and creation + business of the arts workshops that will help participants developing their skills in marketing/branding, project management, and much more.

**Admission to the program is FREE, and participants will receive an honorarium at the end of the program**

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