Alexander, Earla

Mediums used: Painting


I have spent my life studying nature and relying on its laws as I work. Nature's design is careful, deliberate and always within well defined limits. Hands, feet, arms, heads come in all sizes; small, medium and large but within that infrastructure there exists rules of proportion and order.

Nature is our great designer. I use its handbook to teach my students the elements required to create a successful work of art. My teaching revolves around two central techniques. First CLEFT: color, line, emphasis, form and texture. PREB: proportion, rhythm, emphasis, balance. These tools represent the fundamental principles of art making and I consistently apply them with every new project. You can draw realistically, but you must follow nature's laws consciously, if you are to be successful in creating something new and relevant.

Today this is how I still paint. My favorite word is visceral and visceral to me means painting that has the emotion of my inner feelings and verve and this comes from my brain and out my heart. It is all inward feelings. I call my art modern art but I want to remind you all that modern art is roughly 200 years of age. I trust myself to only use nature's rules but I create my own picture; then I know it is unique. Everything I stand for in painting is genuine to me but its laws and rules come from Mother Nature.

My aim in art is the triumph of my imagination over the tyranny of a literal world. This is why I truly love to paint. This is where excitement lies and what continues to drive me.

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